Woody is another one of Mario's friends, and one of the original 4 main characters, along with Mario, Tony, and Mr. Pig.


Woody is very strange. Half the things he says are mumbled, and the other half are about "Shrimpos ". In the final episode of American Idol: Mario Edition, he is listed as "a retarted cowboy obsessed with Shrimpos". He often brings his face close to the camera and says "I see you in there!" Woody admitted that he once got five DUIs and in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3, he claimed to be drunk driving. He also says that he was the Knife-Throwing Champion of 1985, and could throw a tomahawk and hit the bullseye from 200 yards away, even though that bullseye was the size of the Chrysler Building. Woody eats an Oreo by taking an Oreo on a plate, putting a Shrimpo on it and pouring beer over top of it. In Ghost Shrimpo, Woody finds the ghost of a shrimpo in his closet. It scares him so badly that he has to sleep with Mario, who comments, "I can't believe I'm letting him sleep with me."

The "New" WoodyEdit

In the SML short How to eat an Oreo, a different Woody doll premiered. It was more tan than the last one, the smile is smaller, and the hair is darker. It is currently unknown what happened to the old Woody.


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  • "SHRIMPO! CHEW-WEE-BOUY!" - Shrimpo Hunter episodes
  • "Now, you're just gonna be my little cuddle buddy! Although, you're probably not gonna like it when I start snoring."- Ghost Shrimpo (Woody is in bed with Mario after being frightened off by the Ghost Shrimpo.)
  • "NASCAR..."- Numerous occasions
  • "Oops! Almost forgot my beer."- How to Eat an Oreo
  • "It appears that this Shrimpo has been eaten by a cowboy who is obsessed with NASCAR and beer."- Shrimpo Hunter Episode 1


  • According to a post by Logan on, Woody will star in the upcoming "Shrimpo Hunter: The Movie", which is currently in production. Logan says that Woody will go on his biggest Shrimpo adventure ever.
  • In Ghost Shrimpo, there is some evidence that Woody might possibly be gay, such as telling Mario that he loved him, wanting Mario to tuck him into bed, and the fact that he crawled into bed with Mario and hugged him after being scared off by the Ghost Shrimpo. (Refer to the Ghost Shrimpo quote above.) However, Woody is hopefully not gay, and was probably just scared and acting stupid. Hopefully.
  • In "Hot Cheesecake", Shrek's favorite cheesecake wasn't giving him spicy farts anymore, so after many other attempts to spice it up, he asks Woody's help. Woody gives him a jar of special peppers (actually African Shrimpo droppings) given to him by his grandfather. He says that they are dangerously powerful, and Shrek confirms this, as he immediately needs to crap, which causes him to don an Iron Man helmet (Iron Shrek, or as he says, Iron Donkey) and shoot off into space on a highly explosive fart.

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