The Pizza is a short film made by TheSimpsonsStuff. It was released in March 2015. The film is about Mario and Luigi having pizza.

Plot Edit

Mario and Luigi are bored and they haven't done anything for the whole day. They then look at a Domino's Pizza menu and they decide what to have and then eat it. Mario then phones Domino's Pizza in order for the employee to deliver them the pizza. They go back to being bored by waiting for the pizza to be cooked and ready to cool down. Toad then joins them by not being bored. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Perry the Platypus watches Pudsey the Bear dancing near the oven. They then have an argument. We then cut to Mario and Luigi still being bored and still waiting for the pizza. They somehow start watching The Simpsons on their TV and after a while, they finally have their pizza. But after eating too much pizza, they end up going to the toilet and they throw up. Toad then goes to the toilet to see what was going on in there. Toad then gives them water, for which they end up falling asleep and being drunk. Meanwhile, Perry and Pudsey are sitting together when Tom decides to join them. After a while, Tom, Toad and Perry are sitting together when Pudsey decides to say ''F**k you!'' to them. He also tells them that he hates them so much. Pudsey then runs away after things get too much for him and suddenly, Perry has a fight with Toad as Tom watches on.

Release and reception Edit

The film was released on 14th March 2016. Fans loved the film, but critics hated the film, claiming that the film was ''about Mario and Luigi having pizza and Pudsey insults everyone''. But a few critics loved the film, saying that ''the person who directed it deserves an Oscar for best short film''. Harry Bird, who directed the film, also voiced all of the characters, especially Mario and Luigi. The film was given mixed reviews, with some critics saying that ''it's good'', while some critics said that ''it's just a film where nothing exciting ever happens''. Fans praised the film for being funny and sad at all times.

Cast Edit



Perry the Platypus



Pudsey the Bear