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The Angry Birds from left to right: Speedy, Tony, Taliban, Blue, Big Red

The Angry Birds
are 5 roundlike birds and new protagonists in SuperMarioLogan's new series: Black Yoshi and the Birds. Starting out as antagonists, they befriend Black Yoshi when he agrees to let them live there.

SuperMarioLogan SeriesEdit

In SML Movie: The Bird, the toucan named Skittles (by Woody) escaped a local zoo and had a baby in a tree outside Mario's house. Skittles was adopted by Woody while the egg was kept in the tree. Later in the movie, Shrek and Black Yoshi were out for revenge on Skittles for many annoyances (examples: Eating Shrek's McDonald's, sleeping in Shrek's bed, attacking Black Yoshi's Xbox controller, etc.) Black Yoshi then shot and killed Skittles, only afterward realizing the bird was worth $20,000,000. Outside of the house, Skittles's egg hatched, revealing a red bird.

This led to the first episode of Black Yoshi and the Birds. The red baby bird, known as Big Red, joined with his brothers named Blue, Taliban, and Speedy when he learned Black Yoshi murdered Skittles. They broke into his house and trashed his room. Black Yoshi returned from his tan to see his trashed room and his scratched, out-of-case Call of Duty: Black Ops disk. The "Angry Birds" revealed themselves in their song "The Angry Birds Rap." The birds tell Black Yoshi that he killed their mother, but Black Yoshi defends himself by saying Shrek did it and Mario dressed as him and did it. Taliban disagrees and the birds plan to kill him. Black Yoshi attempts to barter a deal if they agree not to kill him, to which Big Red complies by listing his conditions: Bthat they can live here since they have no home or mom. Red reveals a fifth bird, a White Bird named Tony, is coming. He also says he's a little different. Taliban shouts the truth: He's as gay than Adam Lambert. Black Yoshi says many people are gay in the house like Toad, Mario, Shrek, and Woody. (As far as we know, Mario, Shrek, and Woody aren't gay, but Toad...) Red continues to talk of his homosexuality but then someone knocks on the door. A girly-boy voice asks if his brothers were in there and that his makeup is drying. Big Red dejectedly confirms it's Tony.

In Episode 2, Black Yoshi orders the Birds to clean his room while he answers the door. Meanwhile, Tony is outside whining as he continues knocking on the door. He starts complaining about how nobody cares about what he thinks, and aren't interested in coming to his parties, and wants to to knock on the window, but can't because someone might open the door and continues whining. Once Black Yoshi opens the front door, Tony starts cheering, to which Black Yoshi is ashamed to see. He reluctantly opens the door and lays down the rules for Tony. While Tony constantly flirts with him and suggests alot of gay things (such as calling Chad, his presumed boyfriend), Black Yoshi refuses them all and brings him to the room. Thankfully, the Birds have fixed the room spic and span, which overjoys Black Yoshi and he thanks the other 4 Birds for fixing his room, which is different. When getting ready to high five Big Red, Tony gets offended and states the he though "he was [Black Yoshi's] bird." Getting fed up with Tony's gayness, Black Yoshi chews the Birds out for not telling him this. He further tells Red he needs to "do something" about Tony. Big Red tells Tony he can't sleep in their room. Tony tries to convince them (because he wanted to bunk with Taliban) and, in rage, says he doesn't love any of them anymore. He then goes to sleep in the closet. When they finally get peace, they hear Tony singing (and possibly doing very disturbing things, and calling Chad). Red tells Taliban he spoke too soon. None of the 5 Birds even knew their mortal enemies, the Pigs, were just outside the house.

In Episode 3, Big Red tells Black Yoshi that with Tony sleeping in the closet he dosn't have to worry about being moulested, Mario then walks in and is shocked to see the Birds and instantly asks them who they are, the Birds get ready to do The Angry Birds Rap but Black Yoshi saves them the trouble and introduces them himself, but Mario isn't happy to have uninvited guests and angrily tells them to leave, Taliban gets worked up and pleads for Mario not kick them out, but his temper gets the best of him, even though Blue tries to calm him down, Taliban shouts that he's about to BLOW. Taliban then explodes, knocking Mario out of the room. Mario comes back in to ask what happened, unaware his hat is off. The Birds begin to laugh at him, while Black Yoshi lets Mario know his hat is off. Mario gets upset and runs off crying and Black Yoshi tells the Birds how they get rid of Mario is by revealing his half-baldness. The Birds and Black Yoshi go to sleep, Meanwhile the Pigs are trying to break in the house, but are failing miserably. They then notice a pizza delivery boy walking up to the house, with a box of fresh, hot pizza in-tow. The Pigs sneak over to the front door, while the pizza guy walks up to the door. Shrek answers the door to take the pizza, but refuses to pay, making the pizza guy walk away in despair. Shrek gets ready to eat the pizza when all of a sudden, he has to take a crap (as always). Te then sets the pizza down on the counter, to which the Pigs reveal that they were in the pizza box. Meanwhile, the Birds and Black Yoshi are fast asleep, when Tony comes out of the closet and tries to wake up Black Yoshi by whispering, when Black Yoshi dosn't answer, Tony gets annoyed and yells "OMG! ANSWER ME!!". Black Yoshi wakes up and angrily asks him want he wants. Tony tells him he has to go to bathroom, but he can't go alone because he's afaid monsters will eat him. Black Yoshi flat out refuses, ("No, I ain't going with you! That's disgusting and gay! Go by yourself!"). Tony pleads and says that Chad usually goes with him. Black Yoshi still refuses. Tony then angrily says that he'll call Chad in the morning. Tony tells Black Yoshi if he doesn't return, it is because he befriended the monster. Tony then angrliy walks to the bathroom. Black Yoshi notices a chance to lock Tony out, and without hesitation, instantly does that. Tony, meanwhile, walks in the bathroom to find out someone left the toilet seat up, reluctantly puts it down, then he closes the door and pees. After coming out he walks back the room, only to find out it's locked. Tony gets upset and then starts yelling at the top of his lungs, asking why the Birds and Black Yoshi hate him, saying that they put him through so much stress, complaining how it gives him an eating disorder and high blood pressure. He then cries loudly, then notices an open door, and walks in to find Toad sleeping. He asks Toad if can sleep with him. Toad, asleep, says he can (albeit calling him Mario) Tony then snuggles with Toad for warmth. After telling him goodnight, Toad sleepily says "Goodnight, Mario...".

In Episode 4, Tony and Toad become gay friends as they break in to black yoshi's room where black yoshi gets mad when he realizes there's too much gay and goes to show him the real girlfriend.While he left the pigs sudennly appeared and they are focred to have a war outside.During the battle the birds won but at the end there was gramps standing behind the rest.

In Episode 5, gramps was about to kill big red, tony, and toad but instead accidently killed chad and he realizes that he only has one bullit and he got away. at the kicthen they needed a doctor but instead got chef peepee.he was trying to be the best doctor too but does something wrong.after a while chef peepee gave the birds some scrambled eggs and oreos.chad asks where tony, but tony pretends that chad was dead and wondered off back to the kitchen. but it's been revealed that chad was alive and explains his flashback that he was taked to the hospital by mario.near the end of the episode king pig was behind the door and tell one of his minions to hit the bang and the regular saids okay master, so they hit the bang using explosens.

it is unknown in episode 6 it might be possible if they got injured and damage by an explosen and taken to the hospital and black yoshi comes to visit.

The Angry BirdsEdit

Big Red - A Red Bird and the apparent leader of the Birds.

Speedy - A Yellow Bird and the second in command as stated in the rap. He talks very fast.

Blue - A suicidal Blue Bird with issues.

Taliban - A Black Bird and the baddest Bird out there.

Tony - A gay White Bird. He is one of the main birds. He is in love with Black Yoshi and the 5 other birds.

Chad - A Green Bird with a long beak who is Tony's boyfriend.


In Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 2, three pigs, a regular, helmet, and King Pig, walk up to the Mario house, knowing the Birds are there. The pigs, except King Pig, can't oink. They shall be the primary antagonists of the series.