Toad's Mistake III Edit

Toad decides to annoy Woody, Buzz, Homer, SpongeBob and Patrick, but then gets attacked by those guys.

Another SpongeBob Clip Show Edit

SpongeBob tells everyone about his past again, but this time, it's about what he did when he was an evil person back then.

Who Kidnapped Homer Simpson? Edit

Homer gets kidnapped by Walter, so Woody, Buzz, Patrick and SpongeBob have to save him before it's too late.

A Really Terrible Day with SpongeBob and Patrick Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick have a terrible day when they receive unexpected news from a friend.

Who's Turning Off The Light? Edit

A mysterious person is turning off the light in SpongeBob and Patrick's room and they get really annoyed about it.

The Death of Bart Simpson Part 1/3 Edit

Bart gets killed by a mysterious person and SpongeBob and Patrick aren't happy about it.

The Death of Bart Simpson Part 2/3 Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick continue to search the killer along with his friends.

The Death of Bart Simpson Part 3/3 Edit

The person who killed Bart has been revealed to be someone who SpongeBob and Patrick have fought before.

Patrick Gets Arrested Edit

Patrick gets accused of stealing SpongeBob's car, but then all hell suddenly breaks loose when Walter is actually stole it.

The Devil Lord Losse Part 1/2 Edit

Lord Losse returns to possess SpongeBob and Patrick into demons once again, but who will save them?