The Return of a Friend Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick are excited to see the return of a friend, but then it's been revealed to be an old enemy.

SpongeBob Has A Nightmare Edit

When sleeping, SpongeBob has a 5 minute nightmare, before waking up screaming.

The Evil One Edit

A mysterious person haunts the lives of Woody and Buzz, but will SpongeBob and Patrick save them.

SpongeBob's New Friend Edit

SpongeBob makes friends with a new person.

Return of Lord Losse Part 1/2 Edit

An old enemy returns to turn SpongeBob and Patrick into demons.

Return of Lord Losse Part 2/2 Edit

The friends of SpongeBob and Patrick come to save them from the evil Lord Losse.

Patrick Becomes a Cook Edit

When SpongeBob is gone, Patrick is up to no good by causing a lot of trouble in the kitchen.

SpongeBob The Food Critic Edit

SpongeBob becomes a food critic, but after doing good reviews about food, he starts criticising food, making the chefs and cooks really angry.

King Patrick Edit

Patrick becomes king of his own house, before Walter and his henchmen come along and ruin everything.

Yoda Becomes Famous Edit

After appearing on TV, Yoda starts becoming famous on the big screen, the small screen and social media.