SpongeBob the Daredevil Edit

After seeing it on TV, SpongeBob decides to copy the stunt by falling from the banisters and he survives all of them, but then he suffers a near death experience when Patrick pushes him down the stairs, resulting in SpongeBob getting sent to hospital and Patrick getting sent to prison for 100 weeks. Will they forgive each other?

The Death Threat Edit

SpongeBob receives a death threat from an unknown person, will SpongeBob finally track down his enemy?

Natural Born Killing Machines Edit

Walter and Bart start to stalk SpongeBob and Patrick, who take the law into their own hands.

SpongeBob Gets Into Trouble Edit

After making a sexist comment about Homer's wife, Marge, SpongeBob gets into trouble and ends up being homeless when an unknown person has bought his home, but who?

It's a Really Crazy World Edit

SpongeBob goes berserk with a gun and tries to kill people, but he is then sent to a mental institution. Will he escape?

Everyone Likes SpongeBob Edit

Everyone starts to like SpongeBob when Patrick got arrested for burglary, which resulted in SpongeBob getting depressed.

King of the House Edit

SpongeBob becomes king of the house when Patrick is in prison, but then Patrick comes home, will SpongeBob ever forgive him for committing a burglary?

Walter Comes Out of Prison Edit

Walter escapes from prison and tries to kill SpongeBob and Patrick, will someone save them?

SpongeBob the Comedian Edit

SpongeBob becomes a comedian and starts telling jokes, but gets into trouble when he makes a sexist joke about women.

Patrick the Vigilante Edit

After getting burgled by Walter, Patrick becomes a vigilante and supports SpongeBob and his friends.