SpongeBob and Friends is a TV show created by Harry Bird. It first aired on 28 October 2012 with the episode ''Pilot'' gaining 6.94 million viewers. After the episode aired, fans and critics gave it a good review, saying that ''this new TV show is like Toy Story''. The show continues to surprise fans with happiness.

Production Edit

On October 2012, Harry Bird came up with an idea to make a TV show that will only be on the computer, not on TV. Bird filmed the first episode with his mum's Sony camera. He named it ''Pilot'' and the episode aired on 28 October 2012. He continued to film more episodes, including ''Homer and Marge's Wedding'', ''The Demon Part 1 and 2'', ''Bart's Death'' and many more. He also had to focus on his other shows like Woody's Adventures and Mario and Luigi's Adventures.

Reception and success Edit

SpongeBob and Friends was named one of the best TV shows on the computer of all time by fans and critics. It became so successful that people started to like it.

Inspiration for the show Edit

Harry Bird was inspired by ranaldo08's Cute Podge and Rodge, a show that was on YouTube, so Bird had to create his own show that was based on ranaldo08's shows.

Seasons Edit

Season 1 (2012) 22 Episodes

Season 2 (2012-2013) 22 Episodes

Season 3 (2013) 22 Episodes

Season 4 (2013) 22 Episodes

Season 5 (2013) 12 Episodes

Season 6 (2016-) 6 Episodes (16 more to come)