On 5th December 2012, HBTV celebrated its 10th anniversary. They showed a Simpsons themed marathon named ''Simpsons Day''. It showed only just one episode from the 24 seasons that were made from 1989-2012. 20 million tuned in to see the marathon.

List of episodes Edit

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (Season 1)

Bart the Daredevil (Season 2)

Homer at the Bat (Season 3)

Mr Plow (Season 4)

Deep Space Homer (Season 5)

A Star is Burns (Season 6)

King-Size Homer (Season 7)

You Only Move Twice (Season 8)

Trash of The Titans (Season 9)

Homer to the Max (Season 10)

Behind the Laughter (Season 11)

A Tale of Two Springfields (Season 12)

I am Furious (Yellow) (Season 13)

Barting Over (Season 14)

Simple Simpson (Season 15)

Future-Drama (Season 16)

The Italian Bob (Season 17)

You Kent Always Say What You Want (Season 18)

Eternal Moonshine of The Simpson Mind (Season 19)

In the Name of the Grandfather (Season 20)

Homer the Whopper (Season 21)

Angry Dad: The Movie (Season 22)

At Long Last Leave (Season 23)

Moonshine River (Season 24)

Success Edit

The marathon became a success when 20 million people tuned in to see the 24 iconic episodes. During the marathon, HBTV also celebrated its 10th anniversary and it was its founder's 10th birthday. HBTV said ''There will be a marathon every 10 years as we celebrate the anniversary of this TV channel and so, we chose The Simpsons to celebrate HBTV's 10th birthday, that's why 20 million people tuned in to see these great episodes that Matt Groening and his team made for the past 24 years, here's to another 24, boys''.