Shrimpolopolis was the name of a Wild African Shrimpo that Woody was tracking in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3. While driving down the road, Woody responds to a text message on his cell phone, during which he hits Shrimpolopolis. He attempts to perform CPR on the Shrimpo, but it doesn't work and Woody pronounces him dead. He gives Shrimpolopolis a "proper" burial (he covers him up with grass and a flower) and says the episode will continue in memory of Shrimpolopolis. But, a few seconds later, Woody runs back and eats the "dead" Shrimpo. At the end of the episode, Woody is attacked by a large, angry Shrimpo, and he is dragged off into the bushes. It is possible the wild Shrimpo attacked as revenge for Shrimpolopolis.

Role in SuperMarioLoganEdit

Shrimpolopolis is a minor character and is one of many Shrimpos to appear in SML videos. He has only appeared in one video, Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3, and it will probably be his last since he was hit by a car and then eaten by Woody.

Known InformationEdit

  • Species: African Shrimpo
  • Appearances made: 1
  • Gender: Unknown, but rumored to be male, because Woody uses "he" and "him" to describe it.


  • Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3


  • In the SML video "Ghost Shrimpo", Woody is scared by the ghost of a shrimpo. It might have been Shrimpolopolis' ghost, but no actual conclusion can be made. They appear similar, however, the Ghost Shrimpo is gray/white, has a mouthfull of sharp teeth, and is much skinnier than most Shrimpos that have appeared.