Shrek is a main character in SuperMarioLogan. He is an ogre who enjoys eating cheesecake, and taking craps. He nicknames everyone "Donkey" (Sometimes he says their most outstanding feature and then "Donkey" I.E: Black Yoshi=Black Donkey, Toad=Mushroom Donkey).


Shrek was a background character in some early SML videos, but his first main appearance was in "Main Character Judging", where he appeared for the first time, along with Tour Guide for Today, Mama Luigi, and Poochie the Taco Bell Dog. He won the honor of being the next main character, and chose Poochie and Tour Guide to be secondary characters.

Main AppearancesEdit

He appeared along with Mario and Tony in "SuperMarioLogan Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup" where he, along with Mario and Tony, is disgusted by the video. He played Santa Claus in SML's 2008 Christmas Special. He also killed Toad in the Toad Death Game, and starred in his own short film, "Shrek's Big Crap".


  • Shrek holds a World Record for taking the longest crap. This is mentioned in Shrek's Big Crap.
  • In a Crappy Thanksgiving, there is a refrence to hubba6, with Mario saying Shrek ate the table. That is hubba6's quote.
  • In Shrek's Big Crap, it is said that Shrek took so many craps that the city gave him his own sewage treatment plant.
  • In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Season 2, Episode 4, it is revealed that Shrek is a doctor. As a doctor, he helped deliver Peach's baby in Episode 5.


  • "Eww, that's not too good, Donkey!" (SuperMarioLogan watches 2 Girls 1 Cup)
  • "CHEESECAKE!!!!!" (Shrek's Big Crap)
  • "Got to take a crap"! (Shrek's Big Crap)
  • "This is definitley evil!" (Main Character Judging Results)
  • "This gum sure is hot!" (Stride Mystery Gum)
  • "See, Donkey? I'm Shoop DA WOOP AND I'M A FIRIN' MY LAZER!" (Shrek's Costume)
  • "Mario: Shrek, you're a doctor? Shrek: Uh, yeah, Donkey! How do you think I can afford all of my cheesecake?" (Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Season 2, Episode 4)
  • (After trying to deliver Peach's baby, Shrek is holding a cheesecake box.) "No Donkey, Peach wasn't having a baby, she was having my Sarah Lee cheesecake. (Looks back at Peach.) I wonder if this is my cream filling to my cheesecake. Oh, no, wait! This really is a baby this time!" (Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Season 2, Episode 5.)