Rosalina SML

Rosalina in plush form

Rosalina is the current deuteragonist of SuperMarioLogan. She is Mario's new girlfriend following Mario's divorce with Peach. Although quite ditzy, Rosalina is extremely sweet and caring towards Mario, something Peach never was. She loves him despite all flaws. When Mario ended up stuck with Jeffy, Rosalina eagerly and happily stepped into the role of a mother figure, being far more patient and caring with Jeffy than Mario was willing to put up with, sometimes getting them into arguements. Mario intends to marry Rosalina eventually, and considering how the first attempt went, time will tell when he proposes for real.


Rosalina is the polar opposite of Peach. While Peach, in the earlier days, was a spoiled, fussy, and overall bitch who was unappreciative of Mario and nagged and bitched at him constantly, and later, when he tried to get back together with her, she was only interested in his hair like a shallow bitch, Rosalina, while quite ditzy, is overall friendly, sweet, supportive, and overall loving towards Mario. She seems to have a obssessive facination with stars (which makes sense considering she hails from outer space, and was raised by aliens). To hilarious effect, she can be a massive, blubbering crybaby due to having lost her star baby, Luma.


Rosalina is the deuteragonist of the Mario-centric videos,