Princess Peach is a supporting character in SuperMarioLogan. While Peach is originally a well-rounded, calm girl, like the original Princess Peach, she quickly switches to a cruel, loud, selfish, demanding, pompous and straight up obnoxious bitch. She is the ex-wife (originally girlfriend) of Mario, and was briefly in a relationship with Sonic.

the damsel in distress of mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 1. In Season 1 she was kidnapped by Bowser due to Mama Luigi's deal with Bowser. She was kept under watch by Toad until she was rescued by the Butt Crocodile. They played Rubix World until Mario arrived to save her. Croco stole her and sent her, him, and Bowser to his deathtrap. Peach was knocked out and Bowser planned to sacrifice her to the eagle of the deathtrap. She was saved by Mario but was recaptured by Bowser. After Bowser took her to a prison, a rapist named Bubbles took off with her. She was taken to the fight with Bowser and DK. She watched and was a survivor, along with Mario, Yoshi, and Mama Luigi. She calls the cops on Mama Luigi, revealed a clone and was a witness in the trial of Retard Court. After calling for airplane deals, she took Mario to a private place and told him she was pregnant. At Season 2, she planned to go to vacation with the gang until Bowser reappeared and killed Mama Luigi. She gave Mama Luigi the famous baseball bat with Mario and Luigi for his funeral. 9 months later, she got bossier and moodier. She made Mario buy baby stuff, groceries, and other things. Mario claimed that it's her "hormones." Peach gives birth later Bowser Jr! The baby Koopa kidnapped her until Black Yoshi killed him. She had a strong crush on Black Yoshi for saving her and dumped Mario. In Season 2 Episode 6, Peach was tired of taking Bowser and stormed off. Black Yoshi was attacked by Bowser and dropped his gun, causing it to automatically shoot Peach, killing her.