In Episode 1, Bowser is trapped in something that a Goomba wants to do, and they get revenge against Mama Luigi, and kill him.

In Episode 2, After Mama Luigi's death, Mario revealed that Peach is pregnant.

In Episode 3, a new arrival called Black Yoshi arrives.

In Episode 4, Peach goes into labour and Shrek now becomes a doctor to deliver the baby.

In Episode 5, Shrek finally reveals that the baby is Bowser Jr, and Black Yoshi kills Bowser's son.

In Episode 6, another new arrival called Diddy Kong arrives to attack Bowser.

In Episode 7, Black Yoshi confesses for murdering Mario's wife, Peach.

In Episode 8, Mario was sent back to prison to meet Bubbles.

In Episode 9, Mario tells Judge Goodman that he saw a ghost, but is attached with Toad.

In Episode 10, some of the people die.

And in Episode 11, Mario finally wants to die, but is also attached with Yoshi, when Diddy Kong, who appeared in Episode 6, attacks Yoshi and Mario goes into the time machine.