Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures is SuperMarioLogan's longest running series.


Mario - The main protagonist. In the first season, he goes through big threats to save his wife. In season 2, he struggles with everyday life and jail.

Mama Luigi - The Season 1 deuteragonist, though secretly the tertiary antagonist, and the main antagonist of Season 1 Episode 10. He kidnapped the real Luigi as revenge for not being picked in the Main Character Judging and helped Mario save Peach. He was killed in Season 2 Episode 1. He was resurrected as a demonic servant for Bowser, but was killed by Mario. Mario later resurrected Mama Luigi with some of Bowser's new powers, turning him back to his true self. Mama Luigi fought Bowser and actually managed to destroy Bowser, but was killed himself due to the super sharpie exploding.

Princess Peach- Mario's (ex-)wife and ruler of Mushroom Kingdom. She was captured by Bowser in Season 1, was pregnant in Season 2, and was accidentally killed by Black Yoshi's glock. She was revived as a demon for Bowser, but it is unknown if she will return.

Bowser - The primary antagonist of the series. He captured Peach after being paid by Mama Luigi. Then, he got a jealous rage over Mario and after his sudden captivity in Season 1, swore revenge on the Mario Bros. He was supposedly attacked by Diddy Kong in Season 2, yet it was revealed he made friends with him. He now has a plan that involves reviving dead allies of Mario as demons.

Toad - Punching bag and the secondary antagonist of Season 1, working with Bowser and getting Mario arrested in both Season 1 and 2. He is known to be one of the few gay characters as revealed in the Black Yoshi and the Birds series.

Black Yoshi - Yoshi's black ghetto cousin and a secondary protagonist and anti-hero of the series. He loves Call of Duty and hates people who touch it. He kills many peoplein the series, mostly Toad (who constantly comes back) Bowser Jr., and Peach.

Yoshi - The tritagonist of Season 1. He is a dinosaur from the Grand Canyon who befriended Mama Luigi and Mario in the 2nd episode. After S2E3, he hasn't been seen since. He is referenced in the twentieth episode and will most likely return.

Luigi - Mario's brother who was kidnapped by a raging Mama Luigi and the former deuteragonist of Season 2. After he was free and Mama Luigi was killed, he helped Mario in adventures. After S2E5, he hasn't been seen. In S2E10, Bowser revealed he is holding Luigi hostage.

Bubbles (Wario) - A fat rapist inmate who appears in Episodes 6 and 7 and an antagonist in Season 1. When Mario was sent to prison, he was raped two times by Bubbles. Bubbles was rumored to have raped every single inmate in the entire prison. Bubbles later made a cameo appearance at Mama Luigi's funeral, and apparently was Mama Luigi's college roommate.

Goodman - An idiotic police officer who arrests Mario in Episode 6, and appears as the judge in Mama Luigi's trial in Season 1 Episode 10.

Butt Alligator - A baseball capped alligator who likes to sniff people's butts, namely women's. He is a minor antagonist in Season 1. He at first appeared to just want to sniff Peach's butt, but then went on to help Bowser. He was kidnapped by the Eagle whom he had set as a trap. He was imprisoned atop a fan, and warned others that the Eagle captured to not drink the drugged lemonade the Eagle gave them. He fell off of the fan and was knocked out or killed. It is unknown what became of him.

Eagle - An eagle who was employed as a bodyguard by Butt Alligator to kill one person for the other two escape. It is the quaternary antagonist of Season 1. It kidnapped Butt Alligator and seductively brought Yoshi to it's bar, were it offered him beer or lemonade. When Yoshi picked lemonade, which the eagle poured in an overly sexual way. After Yoshi drank the lemonade, which was drugged, Yoshi passed out. The eagle then had sex with him, before imprisoning him. It was killed by Bowser, who snapped it's neck.

Diddy Kong - A murderous monkey implied to by Donkey Kong's son. He appeared as a recurring antagonist in Season 2. He attacked Bowser, and seemingly killed Bowser in his car, only for Bowser to reveal that he and Diddy became friends. Diddy later appeared to guard a time machine that Mario would use to travel back in time to prevent the events of the series from happening. Yoshi sacrifices himself to Diddy in order for Mario to use the time machine.


List of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures episodes.

Season 1 Plot (code named Mama Luigi Saga)Edit

The story begins with Mario and Mama Luigi lying on a bed, bored. Luigi reminds Mario of the time they were stuck in a pit for 5 months, and Mario wishes they could have adventures like that again. Luigi slips away to Seaside Valley, and meets up with Bowser and Goomba. Luigi pays Bowser to kidnap Peach, and Bowser agrees. Peach is sleeping in her bed, and Bowser attacks. Mario then gets a call from Toad, who tells him Peach was kidnapped. Mario and Luigi rush over to Toad, who is secretly working for Bowser. Toad directs them to Grand Canyon, so Mario and Luigi go to prepare for the trip.

While Luigi goes to the washroom to poop, Mario goes on YouTube to tell everyone they're going on an adventure, and Wikipedia to get info on Bowser. He finds out poop is one of Bowser's weaknesses. Luigi packs a magic sharpie, insisting they need it. Mario says they need to fly to the Grand Canyon, and after Luigi tries and fails to fly, Mario gets a Wing Cap. They get a wing cap, and Mario flies to the Grand Canyon, with Luigi saying stupid things the whole way. After taking souveneir photos by a Saftey First sign, they arrive in the woods, where they think they hear breathing. Then Mario is attacked by Yoshi! They finally make it to the Grand Canyon, but they see Yoshi at the top. Mario finds a warp pipe, and they take that way. At the top, Mario is attacked by Yoshi again, but Luigi manages to tame him. Mario and Luigi take Yoshi along on their journey.

They return home, and Mario turns back to normal. They find Toad and yell at him for sending them to the wrong place. Toad then sends them to Seaside Valley. Bowser panicks, because there is a beast there that kills all who come to Seaside Valley, so he chases after them. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi encounter a Brown Elephant in a tunnel. The elephant directs them to Seaside Valley. They arrive, and Luigi has a flashback about when he paid Bowser. Mario spots a small toy, and a target. Luigi becomes determined to hit the toy on the target, and repeatedly tries, to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger". He eventually puts it on with his hands. They wait half an hour for something to happen, when Donkey Kong appears from the bushes. Luigi tries to tame him like he tamed Yoshi, however Donkey Kong tosses him off. DK attacks Mario by jumping on him, and then throws him away, K.Oing him when he hits the ground. Luigi attacks DK, but fails repeatedly. Yoshi finally knocks DK over. Luigi then leaves to get Mario a mushroom. Meanwhile, Toad takes a rest, but is attacked by an evil Booty Crocodile, who then kidnaps Peach.

Bowser makes it to Seaside Valley, but leaves quickly to get Mario a mushroom. Luigi finds a mushroom, but hears something behind a door. It sounds strange, so he opens it. It's Peach and the Booty Crocodile putting batteries in a Wiimote. Luigi helps, and then leaves. He sees the Brown Elephant, and decides to give the mushroom to him. Bowser encounters the Brown Elephant, and takes the mushroom, injuring the Brown Elephant in the process. Bowser brings the mushroom to Mario, and he is finally revived! Mario has an arguement with Bowser about Peach, and tells Bowser he has to come with them. Bowser reveals that Mama Luigi payed him to kidnap Peach. Mario is too shocked to speak, but he shakes it off and helps Bowser finish off DK. Mama Luigi arrives, and Mario confronts him about what he did. He threatens to file for him not to be his brother anymore. Luigi claims he just wanted to make him happy, so Mario tells him he'll think about it. Mario and Luigi find where the Brown Elephant used to be, and Bowser tells them what happened to him. Luigi cries over the loss, and Mario hears something strange from behind a door. He is shocked by what he hears, because it sounds like Peach is flirting with another guy! He bursts in, only to find Peach and Booty Crocodile playing Rubix World for the Wii. Mario is about to take Peach back, when Booty Crocodile grabs her and takes her to his palace. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser chase after them.

When they arrive, Booty Crocodile takes Peach and Bowser on a tour of his new security system. It is an obstacle course, and someone must get killed by an Eagle for the others to get inside the palace. They decide Bowser needs to sacrifice himself, so they can get inside. Bowser says a few final words to Peach, but they shock her and make her very angry. Booty Crocodile prepares Bowser for his death, and Peach is very happy to watch. However, a giant Rubix Cube lands on Peach's head, knocking her out. Booty Crocodile tells Bowser he can survive if he sacrifices Peach's unconcious body. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi enter the obstacle course. Yoshi takes a rest, while Mario and Luigi talk to a crybaby dinosaur and two brown frogs. Mario goes to find Peach and Bowser while Luigi stays with Yoshi and the creatures. Mario encounters Booty Crocodile, and he accidentally knocks Mario into a scanner. He gets out, and is shocked to find himself, only uglier and a bit taller. He only speaks in "duhs". Mario takes him to Luigi, but Luigi interrogates them both with a gun. Mario gets two of the questions wrong, but gets the last one right, and Luigi kills Clone Mario. Luigi tries out the scanner. However, he is not cloned like Mario. Mario and Luigi climb the mountain, and Mario grabs Peach from Bowser. However, Bowser attacks. Mario sends the Eagle after Bowser, but Booty Crocodile jumps in front of Bowser just in time to save him. Bowser grabs Peach and runs off.

Meanwhile, Yoshi wakes up, and discovers he can talk. He meets up with the Eagle. The Eagle takes him to Seaside Valley, and offers him Lemonade. Yoshi accepts, but Booty Crocodile appears to warn Yoshi that it is drugged. However, it is too late, and Yoshi faints. Meanwhile, Luigi asks how Bowser can run faster than them, so Mario gives him a detailed explanation, which makes Luigi realize they need a car. He suggests pulling the Grand Theft Auto technique on someone, to get their car. They pull it on Toad, and take his car. However, Toad gets a gun, and shoots Mario off. He is caught by Officer Goodman, who takes him to prison. In prison, Mario meets a shady group, including Goomba Max, Crack Bear, Crocodillian, and Sally, who are all in for different reasons. Mario calls himself "Bob", because Max says he wants to kill Mario. The 5 prisoners go to take a shower, where Max introduces Mario to the evilest of all the prisoners: Bubbles. He rapes Mario, sending Mario into a panic. Late at night, Bubbles has sex with Mario again for 2 hours. Meanwhile, Luigi finds Bowser, but he sees the car has an M on it, which makes him believe that Mario turned into a car. Officer Goodman finds him, and he gives Luigi $1000 dollars for the car. Mario's bail is also $1000. Luigi decides to open a Lemonade stand to get $1000 dollars, not realizing he already had the money. After having some of his lemonade stolen, a Toad pays $1000 dollars for a Super Mario Power Shake. Meanwhile, Mario gathers the prisoners to plan a breakout. Crack Bear and Sally would distract Officer Goodman, and then Crocodillian would drop a towel on Goodman, and they all would escape. However, Sally forgets how to get out, Max is killed by Goodman, and Crocodillian is captured by Bubbles. Mario makes it outside, and finds Crack Bear.

Crack Bear tells Mario he's part of Bowser's squad, and prepares to attack Mario. However, the Eagle captures Crack Bear just in time to save Mario. Meanwhile, Luigi gives the money to Goodman, and he lets Mario off. Mario and Luigi meet up at Seaside Valley. Mario is furious, because Luigi made him go to prison, and get attacked by Bubbles. Luigi then surprises Mario with a picture of him with Bubbles! They find Crack Bear, Booty Crocodile, and Yoshi, all K.Oed from the drugged Lemonade. Luigi ignores Booty Crocodile's warnings about the lemonade, and drinks it, knocking him out. The Eagle then attacks Mario, but Mario is saved just in time by Donkey Kong! DK attacks the Eagle, knocking him around, past characters like Woody, Shrek, and Poochie. DK discovers a pile of things to throw at the Eagle, like pillows, and Mr. Pig! After the Eagle is defeated, Donkey Kong asks Mario to pay him back, by getting a picture of Bowser, Peach, and a Cookie, and for every hour he doesn't bring the picture, he will kill one of his friends. Meanwhile, Bowser hides from Mario in the prison, and meets Crocodillian. Peach is attacked and then kidnapped by Bubbles, and Bowser chases after him. Bowser defeats Bubbles and rescues Peach by knocking Bubbles off a cliff, and then spots some cookies. They're both hungry, so they eat some cookies. Mario sees them, and takes the picture. He rushes back to DK, with Bowser chasing him. However, it has been an hour, and DK kills Crack Bear. Bowser catches up with Mario, and Mario asks for Peach back. Bowser tells him that he can't have her until the series ends. Angered, Mario sets up a fight between DK and Bowser.

DK and Bowser argue for a bit, and Luigi wakes up and starts a Yo Mama Contest. However, Bowser knocks him out after the first joke. Then Bowser decides they should wait until night to have the battle, because that's when all the good fights are. Luigi tries to have another Yo mama contest while they're waiting, but fails. 45 minutes later, the fight begins. DK beats up on Bowser at the beginning, but Bowser makes a comeback. He hits DK into the celing fan, and calls him Jimmy Neutron. DK is furious at him for calling him that, and attacks, and attempts at a dramatic finisher, but Bowser stops him. He traps DK in the freezer. Bowser is about to kill Mario, but Mario calls for the Eagle to save him. Eagle knocks Bowser down to give Mario a chance to escape. Yoshi rescues DK, but DK accidentally locks Yoshi in the freezer. Bowser captures Eagle, and throws him into a molten lava pit. DK and Bowser continue to fight. DK beats up Bowser with a banana. Bowser gets tired, but grabs his favorite energy drink, Dr. Wham! DK is angry, because no one should copyright Dr. Pepper. Bowser throws the steel can at him, knocking DK into the lava, killing him. Luigi, pretending to be the announcer, announces Bowser has won. Luigi tries to congradulate Bowser, but Bowser just punches him out of the way. He tries to take Peach from Mario. Mario tries to stop him, but Bowser is too strong after drinking Dr. Wham. He punches Mario away, and Mario finally rescues Yoshi. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi confront Bowser, but he is too strong, even for all 3 of them together. Bowser grabs Mario, but Luigi frees him by smashing Bowser extra hard. Mario tosses Bowser away, but he grabs on to a pole just before hitting the lava. He tosses himself back, knocking out both Mario and Yoshi, leaving only Luigi to fight him. Luigi uses Super Luigi Power to dodge Bowser's attacks, and beat him up. Luigi tries to strangle Bowser with a Gamecube Microphone, but Bowser untangles himself, and fights back. Luigi is angry, because Bowser is not supposed to hit "the Mama Luigi". Then the real fight begins. Luigi and Bowser throw many punches at eachother. Luigi tries to get Bowser in the freezer, but it doesn't work. Luigi almost has Bowser down for good, when Toad arrives with a mushroom! Bowser takes it, and heals himself. The mushroom gives Bowser the power of 2 Dr. Whams. He beats up on Luigi, but right before Bowser kills Luigi, Luigi spots the Magic Sharpie!

Luigi uses the force to pull the sharpie over, and then the tables turn on Bowser. After Luigi repeats the same scene over and over again, he tries to scare Bowser, telling him the marker draws mustaches. Bowser isn't scared, and asks to start the fight again. Luigi has to shake the marker first, though. After, they start fighting again, but Luigi has to wait 15 minutes to use the marker's power. Luigi uses the marker's power to defeat Bowser, knocking him into a grill.

The next day, Luigi, Peach, and the fully healed Mario celebrate their victory. But Mario discovers something: Mama Luigi isn't the real Luigi! The Real Luigi was tied from the celing the whole time. Luigi tells Mario that he stepped into the same cloning machine that Mario fell into, and it created Mama Luigi. Mama Luigi kidnapped Luigi, because there was only room for 1 Luigi in the world. Mario, Luigi, and Peach take Mama Luigi to court. He is only sentenced to one day of prison, because Yoshi reminds everyone that Mama Luigi killed Bowser. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi run away so Mama Luigi can't find them, but he does anyway. They're preparing for vacation, when Peach announces something big: she's pregnant!

Season 1 CharactersEdit

Season 2 PlotEdit

Months after the events of Season 1, Bowser is revealed to be alive after a Goomba helps him out of the grill. Bowser tells the story of how he was beaten by Mama Luigi which the Goomba laughs at, leading to Bowser killing him with a knife. Bowser then leaves to go find Mama Luigi.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Mama Luigi, Peach and Yoshi are preparing for their vacation. Peach shows her giant suitcase to Mario, which is being pulled by Toad. Toad starts complaining about why he's pulling the suitcase and starts cussing to Mario. Mario slaps Toad's butt which Mama Luigi calls 'Hot Toad Spanking'. Shortly afterwards, Bowser arrives with a gun. Mario finds out Mama Luigi lied about Bowser dying by the grill. Mama Luigi sticks a bomb on his chest to throw to Bowser when it blows up. But it's too late, Bowser shoots the bomb and Mama Luigi blows up, killing him.

At Mama Luigi's funeral, Officer Goodman leaves his Mario Car, Bubbles leaves his soap, Toad leaves his nickel, Mario, Luigi, and Peach leave his bat, and Yoshi cries in sadness of losing his mama. After the funeral, Mario and Luigi wonder what's gonna happen to SuperMarioLogan since there's no more funny people in the cast. Then, Luigi notices something. 3 figures approaching them. One is an orange, retarded tiger, one is a high-pitch voiced pig, and the other is a Shrimp-O obsessed cowboy: Tony, Mr. Pig, and Woody! They're back! At the very end, Shrek says he's back and says he ate too much cheesecake over the break and needs to take a crap.

9 Months later, Peach is buying some new things for her new baby, who she thinks will be a girl, leaving Mario worried if the baby wasn't a girl. While Mario goes to sleep he has nightmares about Mama Luigi's death. Meanwhile Bowser is revealed to be alive and makes it back to his castle where Koopa Troopa is waiting. Bowser is glad Mama Luigi is dead but eventually finds out that Mario and Peach are having a baby. Bowser then reveals that Bowser is the real father to Peach's baby as he sets off to find Peach at her castle.

Mario is about to go shopping for Christmas but accidentally hits Yoshi, changing his voice. Then Tony comes in and asks Mario if he wants to play Super Mario Bros, which Mario says no to several times. Mario eventually plays 'one game' with Tony, who cries over dying in the game.

Yoshi tells Mario and Tony about his cousin coming over for a visit. Mario is first excited but soon regrets it when Yoshi's cousin, Black Yoshi, comes to visit for a while. Black Yoshi gets Mario to set his PlayStation 3 up so he can play Call of Duty. Black Yoshi starts being mean to everyone so he can play his Call of Duty. Eventually Mr. Pig stops Black Yoshi and they play Call of Duty together, leaving Mario to get them Kool-Aid.

Mario makes bad Kool-Aid for Black Yoshi, who forces Mario to drink it while he gets his own Kool-Aid. Toad comes in and yells Peach is having her baby. Luigi, Toad, and Mario watch as Peach stresses with her hormones and yells at Mario. Dr. HairyLip, a "doctor" resembling Officer Goodman, enters and examines Peach. After attempts to get the baby out and cure cancer, HairyLip reveals he's not a doctor, but a pervert. A real doctor, Shrek, comes and has better progress with Peach. Peach pushes the baby out, until it is revealed the baby was Shrek's cheesecake. Suddenly, Peach has her real baby. Shrek notices the baby isn't a baby, but Bowser Jr.!

Bowser Jr. burns Mario and Shrek and runs away with Peach. Black Yoshi and Mr. Pig are making Kool-Aid when Bowser Jr. comes in with Peach. Mario yells at Black Yoshi to kill it and Black Yoshi shoots Bowser Jr. with his glock. Peach breaks up with Mario but are interrupted when Bowser lands on him. Bowser wants revenge on Black Yoshi for killing his son, and tackles him. His gun falls to the floor, and shoots Peach.

A monkey named Diddy Kong then tackles Bowser. Bowser runs to his car but it won't start and Diddy Kong attacks Bowser. Black Yoshi finds his gun and the accidental murder. He then hides Peach's dead body in the trash and goes to play Black Ops. Later that night, the house goes dark, and the ghost of Peach, represented by Boo, licks the unconcious Mario. When Mario comes to, he screams and goes to Black Yoshi for help.

Mario runs into Black Yoshi's room, as he is playing Black Ops. He explains he saw a ghost but Black Yoshi doesn't believe him. When he says there has to be a dead person to have a ghost and says he can't find Peach, Black Yoshi panics and says, "Don't look in the trash can." As Mario is looking for Peach, the Boo attacks again and Mario encounters a vision of a familiar retarted voice of Mama Luigi. Mario isn't knocked out and has a vision: Peach divorces Mario and Mario takes a knife, slices her head, and throws her in the trash.

When he wakes up, he finds Woody and Shrek arguing about a corn dog-waffle mixup. He learns the argument started when Mario forgot to get Shrimp and Cheesecake with his paycheck which started them eating a corndog and waffle. When Mario says Shrek isn't apart of the family, Shreks punches him and sticks his corndog up his butt. As Mario goes to the trash to puke, he sees the dead body of his wife Peach. He starts running and screaming into Black Yoshi's room as Black Yoshi is playing Online Black Ops. He threatens to kill himself, and with Black Yoshi, fearing the house will be taken, reveals he killed Peach.

Hearing Black Yoshi's reason of accidentally killing Peach, Mario beats him up. Toad walks in and sees Mario fighting Black Yoshi, thinking he's murdering him. He runs and calls 911, claiming murder. He then says he sees a body, noticing Peach's body. Officer Goodman arrives and arrests Mario. In his cell, he meets Bubbles (a new version), who says he's gonna rape Mario in the shower. In the shower, Mario drops his soap, and Bubbles rapes him. In Retard Court, the plaintiff, black Yoshi and his lawyer, arrive and say their innocent. Judge Goodman asks for their opening statement. The lawyer simply says Black Yoshi is innocent. Mario tells him the story of seeing a Boo and Black Yoshi's murdering of Peach, but Goodman doesn't believe him and claims Mario is guilty.

Mario complains to Judge Goodman that the case was bullcrap while Black Yoshi and the lawyer dance. Goodman says Mario must get proof of the ghost's existance within 24 hours or he goes back to jail with Bubbles. Mario leaves the courthouse when Toad says he wants to help. They go to a graveyard to find a ghost. When they split up, Toad finds a dollar on a tombstone for a person named Rich. Toad says that must mean he's rich and does his money dance. Suddenly, the ghost of Bowser Jr starts licking Toad, who mistakes him for Mario until he turns around.

Toad gets Mario and tells him the Boo was after his dollar. Mario yells, "SCREW THE DOLLAR! We need the ghost!" Mario gets a camera and goes with Toad to Rich's tombstone. Toad says Mario was licking him but Mario takes it as a stupid joke. The Boo attacks Mario and Toad but Mario takes a picture of the ghost attack at the last minute. He shows it to Goodman, who says he could've Photo shopped it. He sends Toad to prove to Goodman the ghost is real. Toad says he's the guy in the picture with Mario and Boo. Toad says he found a dollar near a tombstone that said Rich, but Goodman accuses him of grave robbing and has him arrested with Bubbles. Mario is then released with a warning. Mario runs out with glee. Meanwhile in the graveyard, a voice yells, "Mario!": The voice of Luigi.

On his way back home, Black Yoshi tries to make peace with Mario. Mario goes into a fit of rage and tells him to leave. He says that Yoshi was way better than Black Yoshi, since Yoshi has done alot of things for Mario in the past. Mario then wonders where Yoshi is. Suddenly, Mario is called by a familiar face: Bowser! He says he has kidnapped Luigi and held him in captivity ever since the day Bowser Jr. was born.

It is then revealed that Bowser was behind Mario the whole time. Mario demands Luigi be released, and Bowser shows him a video on his iPhone of him choking Luigi in cat litter. When Mario threatens to kill Bowser, Bowser calls in help: PEACH, who was revived and demonized. Demon Peach attacks Mario while Bowser watches and Black Yoshi runs. As Peach is about to kill Mario, Black Yoshi shoots her from behind (the same way she died 5 episodes back, but on purpose this time). Black Yoshi says that he has finally done something for Mario, like Yoshi, and saved his life. Black Yoshi prepares to fight Bowser, but Bowser distracts him. Bowser then pulls out a lightsaber and stabbed Black Yoshi in the back, killing him.

Mario then screams in rage and disbelief, while Bowser pushes him off a cliff. Then Bowser sends in Mama Luigi as a demon.cMama Luigi chases MArio up another cliff, and Mario sees Black Yoshi's gun he dropped. Reluctant at first, Mario shoots and kills Mama Luigi. Bowser then reveals that when he was attacked by Diddy 5 episodes back, they became friends and he let Bowser go. Mario then shouts that he will finally kill Bowser, however Bowser makes the gun disappear thanks to his powers.

He has the power to revive people and even turn them into demons (which can be possible if he actually came to the graveyard). Bowser then teleports the real Luigi to them and kills him instantly with his powers. Bowser kicks Luigi to Mario and shouts that he is invincible. When Bowser threatens to finally kill Mario, Mario doesn't refuse it, as all of his true friends are gone. Bowser doesn't like this idea, since he wants an epic final climactic battle, so he transfers some of his power to Mario so they can be equal. Mario is given the power of fireballs, so he prepares for the final battle.

Mario and Bowser battle NES-style, until Bowser grabs Mario and chokes him. When Mario realizes that he has Bowser's power, he realizes that the only way to defeat Bowser is to revive the person who defeated him in Season 1: Mama Luigi. He used the revive power to revive Mama Luigi and says that Bowser took his nickel. In rage, Mama Luigi attacks Bowser and beats him down with his famous Sharpie. Mama Luigi draws a moustache on Bowser, and the power of the sharpie causes an explosion, killing Bowser and Mama Luigi for good. Mario then realizes that he has no more powers. All of the sudden, Yoshi appears. He explains that he was locked up under Bowser's power, but since he died, Yoshi was freed. Mario says that he has no reason to live and doesn't know what to do. Yoshi says that there is a time machine controlled by a time shroom that is guarded by a Monster.

Mario is desperate, but Yoshi says that there's a possible side effect of losing all memories of the future. Mario accepts the challenge and Yoshi takes him to the time machine. They can't work the time shroom, so Yoshi looks for a button. Then, he is attacked by Diddy, the monster who guards it. Yoshi yells for Mario to say "13" since the number is on the machine. Mario says that's stupid, but eventually says it. The machine powers up but Diddy holds Yoshi down. Mario refuses to leave without Yoshi, but Yoshi yells for him to go. Mario jumps in the portal, and is teleported 10 months back when the series began. Mario and Mama Luigi sit on the bed, and Mama Luigi says, "I want a lollipop." The ending is a mystery, as it appears Mario has forgotten everything.

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Season 3Edit

In May 2014, the third season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures was announced to be in development and will feature Mama Luigi now being voiced by Lovell. The season premiered on June 20, 2014. It serves as a reboot to the series.

Season 3 PlotEdit

After Mario got out of the portal, he crashed landed on the yard, and hoped that everyone is still alive. When he got inside of the house, everything was reversed as Bowser the chef, Chef Peepee the boss of Bowser forcing him to cook, Harleyyy + Friends a parody of Charelyyy + friends, Toad does country music and low pitch, Shrek who know pees and always eat peas, Black Yoshi as White Yoshi and plays Halo Crossing on the Wii, and Mama Luigi as a smart genius. Especially some Luigi games like, Super Luigi Bros., Luigi Kart, and Super Luigi Galaxy.

Mario found out that he is in an alternate reversed dimension and the counterpart to Mama Luigi let him use his dimensional portal remote in order to get back to his dimension. Mario accepts it and goes begins jumping through different dimensions.

Season 3 CharactersEdit