1. Black Yoshi, got stabbed with a lightsaber by Bowser

2. Mama Luigi, got attached with a bomb and got killed in a explosion.

3. Peach, got shot by Black Yoshi.

4. Bowser Jr, shot by Black Yoshi.

5. Bowser, killed in explosion with Mama Luigi.

6. Skittles The Bird, got trapped in a shopping bag and was shot by Black Yoshi.

7. Luigi gets blown up.

8. Mario got shot by Black Yoshi.

9. Woody killed numerous Shrimpos in the Shrimpo Hunter series.

10. In episode 4 of Shrimpo Hunter, Woody's guide is killed by Shrimpo poison/rabies.

11. One of the Shrimpos Woody killed (possibly Shrimpolopolis) comes back to haunt him in "Ghost Shrimpo".

12. Allias nearly got killed by a shark

13. Mario got killed by Allias.

14. Toad has been killed many times

List of birthsEdit

  1. Bowser Jr, son of Bowser and Peach, later got shot dead by Black Yoshi.
  2. Allias, pet of Bowser.

List of marriagesEdit

1. Mario and Peach, they got married and Peach revealed that she was pregnant.

List of divorcesEdit

1. Mario and Peach, Mario realized that Peach married Bowser; they got divorced in Episode 17.