Homer the Detective was a movie filmed and released in 2013.

Harry Bird provided the voices of Homer, Ned and Sylvester, while he played the role of the person who murdered Sylvester and Ned.

Bird also directed the movie.

Plot Edit

Sylvester is chased by a mysterious person and tries to run away, but is then shot dead by the mysterious person, who is revealed to be a murderer.

Homer is sleeping on the trampoline, but his friend Ned comes in and tells him about what happened to Sylvester.

They decide to investigate it and they find Sylvester's body. Homer then walks to the trampoline, only to be confronted by the killer and is strangled by him.

Ned hears Homer's screams and saves him from the killer, before being killed by the killer. With Homer as the only one to investigate it, he confronts the killer in a final showdown.

The killer is then killed by Homer and with Homer winning the fight, he climbs onto a roof of a shed and falls off, but lands on a table. The table collapses, but he survives that as well, but his arm is then crushed by a brick, killing him instantly.

Production Edit

Harry Bird decided to make a film about Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders investigating the murder of Sylvester the cat. Bird played the role of the person who killed Sylvester and Ned.

Post-production Edit

After filming the movie, Bird put the film altogether on Windows Live Movie Maker.

Release, reception and Internet success Edit

The movie was released on 28th August 2013. The movie was a success. Critics and fans called it ''the most funniest movie'' while Bird, who made the movie, called it ''his masterpiece''.

The movie received positive reviews, critics said that ''it had something to do with a toy cat being murdered and two best friends investigate the scene of the crime'' and fans said ''the film was so funny that we think that the person who filmed the movie should deserve an Oscar'', while Bird said ''I spent most of my time, doing nothing, but playing on my trampoline and then I decided to film a movie about two best friends investigating the murder of a toy cat''.

His family and friends praised him for making a film about two best friends investigating a murder of a toy cat.