After being claimed guillty, Mario says that it's bullcrap, but he claims that he didn't kill Peach, he just saw a ghost, but is free forever, and is attached with Toad, they then go to the cementry, to find the ghost, Toad then finds a dollar, but is scared by the ghost of Retard Mario, he then tells Mario that he found a dollar, Mario then yells SCREW THE DOLLAR! We need the ghost, and the ghost of The Eagle scares Mario and Toad, the picture was finally taken by Mario, then he realises that Toad stole a dollar from Rich's grave, the cop then takes Toad away to prison, Judge Goodman then tells Mario that he'll finally leave Mario alone, Mario was finally released with a warning, he runs out of Retard Court, with Glee, meanwhile, back at the cementry, a voice yelled Mario, the voice of Luigi.

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