The Galloping Shrimpo is a species of Shrimpo that lives in Africa, featured in Shrimpo Hunter episode 5. It is a Shrimpo that moves by rocking its body back and forth in a galloping-like fashion, hence the name.


Galloping Shrimpos are quite rare according to Woody, who, after bagging a Flying Shrimpo, said "Now THESE are the rarest of them all!" (Although he could have been exaggerating). They move differently than other Shrimpos, throwing their bodies back and forth in a galloping like manner. They move fast as opposed to other Shrimpos. Woody killed one with a single shot to the heart in episode 5 of Shrimpo Hunter.


  • Galloping Shrimpos are only found in Africa.
  • Woody calls them 'Gallopin' Shrimpos'.
  • Galloping Shrimpos are very rare according to Woody.