Doritos Super Bowl Commercial is SuperMarioLogan's Super Bowl video.




Black Yoshi



Mario, Shrek and Black Yoshi are getting ready for the Super Bowl. Black Yoshi arrives with the pickles, and Mario asks if they have everything. Black Yoshi realizes he forgot the Doritos, and rushes into the kitchen to get them. He finds them, and talks to himself about the cheesyness on his way back. When he gets back, Shrek decides to have the honor of having the first Doritos of the Super Bowl. However, he is shocked when he pulls out Toad! Black Yoshi and Mario yell at him for eating all the Doritos, and Shrek threatens to choke him. Black Yoshi grabs his gun, and closes the door, so the other characters can't hear the screams. Black Yoshi shoots Toad, and Shrek yells at him about how he probably ate all his cheesecake too. After the credits, Shrek and Black Yoshi are seen playing a game where every time the Saints score, Shrek punches Toad in the face. The video ends with Shrek announcing that the Saints scored.


Black Yoshi refrences Toad's Mistake 2 twice.