Since October 2012, Harry Bird began filming videos to upload on his computer, and made an account called TheSimpsonsStuff, it now has more videos filmed last year, as of 5th February 2013, 2 videos were created by TheSimpsonsStuff, as the chaos were set to continue, storylines of SpongeBob and Friends have been made by Bird and he then made more videos on his first account, however, it was confirmed that Bird will make brand new videos this Easter and Summer, however, more videos will be uploaded by Bird, he continued to make more videos until then, he retired, and it's one of our greatest pretend YouTube accounts in Bromley until 2015 when he became a real YouTuber, but since 22 September 2015, all of his YouTube channels were closed down, but then he came back with 7 fresh new ones on his 13th birthday, but since 23 March 2016, all of his YouTube channels were closed down again.

But in August 2013, he revived his account with a different camera called Hitachi, since his first camera got broken by accident, he began filming Thunderbirds until his memory card didn't work properly on his laptop, but a year later, his dad bought him a new one, which became the greatest experience for Harry.

Harry continues to film SpongeBob and Friends, Woody's Adventures and a whole bunch of other videos, including movies from ideas of SuperMarioLogan and a video of him doing his first skateboard stunt.

He's the greatest person alive to film tons of videos of his camera and videos of his laptop.

He's well known for all this.

We shall give him an award for his brilliant work of film and computer technology.

He has been making films based on SuperMarioLogan's ideas.

But he stopped making films based on the ideas by SuperMarioLogan and had to go on Wikipedia, making his account and that's history.

But on the 22nd of March 2015, his Wikipedia account was blocked, because he was vandalizing things on there, and therefore he was blocked by 5 albert square, a well known Wikipedian.

He was dealing with life problems that happened at school and at home.

But the life problems were up, as he became a real YouTuber, on the 28th of March 2015, his accounts were Harry Bird and TheSimpsonsStuff, his other accounts are history.

He uploaded videos like shoutouts, logos, Angry German Kid videos and many more, until one time on the 22nd of September 2015, all of his YouTube channels were closed down because of what he said to Owen Osborne, another YouTuber.

He came back on YouTube on his 13th birthday with 7 new fresh channels.

He was currently taking a break from uploading videos, as he was dealing with a life problem that happened on the 5th of February 2016.

He then uploaded new videos starting from the 9th of March 2016, until 14 days later, he had to close down all of his YouTube channels because of what he said to Ryan Grehan, another YouTuber.

He returned to YouTube on 11th June 2016, only for him to upload only 2 videos on his new YouTube channel, but then Grehan and Archie Tuck, another YouTuber made a big massive complaint about it. He had to close down all of his new YouTube channels because he was a disgrace to YouTube on 16th June 2016.

He is now the owner of SuperMarioLogan Wiki and was filming brand new episodes of Woody's Adventures and uploading them onto his computer, all thanks to a memory stick.

He is currently busy at the moment with stuff.

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