American Idol: Mario Editon is SuperMarioLogan's former main series.


The host, Mickey Seacrest, welcomes everyone to the show. He introduces the judges: Tony, Peach, and Mario, and brings in the first contestant: a potato named Hot Potato. He sings a song called "Hot Potato", which is made up of music and sound effects. Tony and Peach let him go to Hollywood anyway. Next up is a sponge named SpongeBob. He sings "Apologize", but he is terrible, and they kick him out. Luigi is next, and sings a song called "I am Your Brother". He isn't as bad as SpongeBob, but Mario kicks him out anyway. Goofy is up next, and he sings "Party like a Goofy", which doesn't sound very good, as Mario says, but Peach and Tony like it, so they let Goofy in. Next is Goomba, who sings a song entirely made of sound effects. Even though there are no lyrics, he gets a yes from all the judges. Mr. Pig comes in next, and he sings Animal Crackers. Once again, Mario says no, but Peach and Tony let him in.


"Hot Potato" by Hot Potato

"Apologize" by SpongeBob

"I am your Brother" by Luigi

"Party like a Goofy", "Big Goofy Butts" and "Something About a Song" by Goofy

"Goomba Stomp" and "Game Over" by Goomba

"Animal Crackers", "Monkey", "Soulja Boy" and "Party like a Psycho" by Mr. Pig

"Let My People Go" by Bowser

"Home on my Range" by Wario

"Got a Brand New Toolbox", "I ate me some Shrimp-os", "The Shrimp-o song", "The Great Escape", "Barbie Girl", and "Friend in Me" by Woody

"Buy you a Drink" by Toad

"Somewhere over the Rainbow" and "M&M Rap" by M&M

"Since You've Been Gone" and "Song" by Daisy

"Because of You" and "Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes" by Minnie