Plot Edit

Mario is frightened by a ghost, and sneaks into Black Yoshi's room, but Black Yoshi realised that the power went out, but the ghost frightens Mario again, but is scared again and again, he dreams that he killed Peach, after dreaming about killing Peach, but in the next morning, he sees Woody and Shrek arguing, about their corn dogs and Woody's waffle, but Woody talks to Mario, but the arguing couple realised that they can cook their corn dogs and waffles, but Mario is beaten with a corn dog by Shrek, the word censored, means that Shrek is beating Mario up with a corn dog, Mario is thrown out of the kitchen, but is scared by the killed Peach body, and runs back into Black Yoshi's room, meanwhile, in Black Yoshi's room, Black Yoshi talks to someone on his phone, while playing Call of Duty, Mario comes in and is scared of his wife's dead body, but Black Yoshi makes his first confession, he confesses to Mario for killing his wife Peach.

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